We're a slow and conscious lifestyle brand that aims to rethink our relationship to clothing.

We strive to raise people’s consciousness by harnessing the power of mind, body and spirit through clothes. We design ethical, sustainable pieces that speak to your soul and align you to a high vibrational energy.

KYIO stands for ‘Know Yourself Inside Out’. We believe that knowing who you are as a person and as a soul in this life is the single most important thing you can do. The shift of beginning to understand who you are as a soul being can then move you to a place of self-acceptance and loving yourself unconditionally. We believe if people can get to that place within themselves, that the world will be a much more loving and kinder place.

As such, we are empowering people to get to know themselves and live an ‘inside out life’, where your inner world is so full of love and positive vibration that it creates your external reality.


Our Story

KYIO’s story began when we simply used our favourite pieces of clothing to align with a particular desired feeling. For example, we wore specific hoodies when we meditated, and we wore particular t-shirts when going to bed. Not only did the feel of these pieces give us comfort but they helped us embody the vibration that we wanted to feel at that particular moment. Our sleep t-shirts sent us off to bed reminding us to think positive thoughts before we marinated in our subconscious minds for eight hours while the meditation hoodie helped us slow down, feel calm and listen to our inner voice.

All of this was at a time in our lives when we were searching for more and through personal circumstances learning about ourselves, asking ‘Who am I? Who am I, really?’. So, we set out to create a clothing brand that rethinks our relationship to clothing and consciously influences our subconscious minds, inspiring us to be our authentic selves – KYIO.

Our Designs

Our collection centres around subtle but powerful affirmations that are designed into the clothes encouraging you to read them throughout the day and align with a high vibrational frequency. When you focus on a thought, it takes only 17 seconds to activate the vibration of that thought so we are empowering people to make becoming conscious for those few seconds a daily habit in order to live more in alignment.

Whether it’s to lift your energy, to heal, to manifest, to slow down or rejuvenate, KYIO clothing serves as the reminder to check in with yourself, become more present and listen to that inner voice within you.

‘We’re not about big bold statements on jumpers, we’re about seeing a little message on your sleeve, reading it to yourself and feeling like your soul just got a hug when you needed it most.’


We hope you love our products as much as we do. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for buying off us.

And, if you didn't, we still love you!