We believe that there is beauty in the simplicity. Often, then simplest things in life give us the most in return. Happiness starts with a strong foundation and it’s upon these 7 values below that we believe form the building blocks of a peaceful, healthy and happy life.

Love and kindness is all there is. And self-love is the first step to transforming yourself and your external world. When you love yourself, you light up the world and when you light up the world, you can't help but pass it onto other people. It all starts with accepting yourself and loving yourself unconditionally. So, be kind to yourself and use loving words that build you up, not break you down.

We’re all here on this earth for a reason and we’re all connected in this beautiful universe. There’s a spirit within you that is bigger than this life and it wants to grow to be your highest truest self. That spirit is the real you, the authentic you. When you start to live as your authentic self, you step into your true power. Meditate to hear the voice of your spirit. It knows the way and it will create the path.

We love mother nature and time spent in it is never wasted. It is good for our bodies, our minds and our souls. We are in awe of how beautiful this earth is and want to see and experience as much of it as we can while we’re here. And most importantly, we want to protect it. It deserves our love.

Sleep rests the emotions and awakens the spirit. It plays such a vital role in our wellbeing on a physical, mental and emotional level. We’re big sleep advocates at KYIO in order to live a peaceful, happy life. Everything is better after a good sleep.

The first thing you must know is yourself. It is the single most important step in living the life that you want. Our mission is to help people grow their awareness of themselves and books are one of the greatest gifts to help you do that. One book can change your life and awaken your soul. If you want book suggestions, we have hundreds!

We’re big foodies and understand the connection between the foods we eat and the energy at which we vibrate. We only get one body and it really is our wealth so we like to look after the old temple! Eat well, live happy. 

We don’t know about you but we want to live the longest possible time on this earth so we can experience as much as we can and give back to the world. So, we’re all about movement and keeping strong in your physical body. Our bodies are made for moving and exploring, hugging and…. looking dam good in KYIO clothing!